Benefits to All Multiagers

* Helps students take more responsibility for their own behavior and their own learning.

* Is built on continuous progress for students rather than the repetition of steps of grades.

* Provides developmentally appropriate activities (age and individual) for children.

* Involves a holistic approach to instruction.

* Is child-centered rather than test-driven.

* Encompasses the philosophy of "Success teaches Success".

* Is designed to encourage collaborative learning (students) and planning (teachers).

* Affords each child the opportunity for success through whole group instruction, small group instruction, and center activities.

* Is based on flexible grouping of children.

* De-emphasizes age and competition.

*Gives children the chance to learn from each other through modeling.

* Is grounded on active learning and exploration.

* Helps to build self confidence in children.

* Recognizes that children develop at different rates and learn in different ways.

* Fosters positive peer relationships.

* Enables children to seek own level for learning and social interaction.

* Provides peer tutoring opportunities.

* Provides opportunities for children to challenge themselves to higher levels.

* Provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children.



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