A new look at educational philosophy where self initiation, democracy, social interaction, self actualization and freedom become the focus. 


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  The simple truth about Education Reform Is that,

Less may yield more.

 Less structure with increased freedom and a student run judicial system yields a student with greater:

Self Confidence

Self Direction

Self Sufficiency

Self Initiation

Self Discipline

Producing a graduate that one has characterized as a:

Fearless Communicator


If your focus has been on traditional education all of your life you may find what is written here unbelievable, possibly offensive and impossible to achieve.  I urge you to read on keeping an open mind.  The advances in the broad spectrum of student outcomes has been demonstrated to work with many children from diverse backgrounds.  Your children may also make these exciting gains but it may take strong perseverance for it to come about.


 This site represents a collection of ideas from many sources loosely woven together to present arguments in support of a form of education vastly different from any experience the average American has had in their lifetime.    I urge you to keep an open mind.  Spend some time reflecting on the web of ideas that are collected here.  In many cases you will treat them with disbelief.  


Let me take you on a journey.  Walk with me beyond the box of traditional education.  Why, you ask?  For the most important of reasons - the end product, the graduate of the cutting edge schools are more humane, confident, compassionate, responsible, and far more ready and willing to participate in our democracy than their counterparts graduating from traditional schools.  They leave school with self determination and the confidence to carry through with the explorations of their careers.  Many go on to college and advance degrees while others realize their potentials as they move directly into the workplace. (see Outcomes and Fearless Communicator articles for an elaboration of this point.)


This site focuses its attention on the possibilities that exist for the self actualization of our youth through a dramatic rethinking of how they are educated.  It comes as a result of my 45 years as an educational change agent.  During the span of my career I have had an opportunity to assist schools make changes, changes that range between the cutting and dull edge of educational innovation. 



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