Educational Alternatives, Inc.

Statement of Purpose


Educational Alternatives Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of research, demonstration and dissemination of innovative educational practices.  The corporation was formed in February 1978 and received recognition by the IRS as a non-profit corporation in September of that year.


1.     To initiate research in education of untried approaches, techniques or strategies which may contribute to more effective learning environments.


2.     Evaluate new and innovative practices in education.


3.     To disseminate new methods for resolving education issues in order to foster public awareness, acceptance and adoption of these practices.


4.     To form model educational institutions to demonstrate exemplary practices to professional educators and the general public.


5.     To establish teacher training workshops and institutes for the in-service training of public and private educators in exemplary educational practices.


6.     To facilitate the dissemination of information regarding new and innovative educational practices to appropriate institutions, education agencies, and the general public.


7.     To receive grants and contracts from public and private sources, including but not limited to, foundations, federal government agencies, state and local government agencies, private corporations, businesses and the general public.


8.     To undertake such other practices, of a related nature, to demonstrate alternative effective educational strategies to the professional educators and private citizens of Maryland and other states.