Educational Alternatives, Inc. - Long Term Objective

Raising the public awareness and understanding of:

ďThe new perception of the meaning of education as delineated in the various papers within this web site.Ē


This will be accomplished through an all media campaign focused on introducing the public to these insights.  This will include but not be limited to:


        Articles in magazines

        Syndicated columns

        Public Service Announcements

        Sixty minute television shows

        Mini series on television

        Community presentations utilizing three screen technology

        Internet web site promotions and discussion groups        

        Interactive CDís for parent orientation and teacher training.



Initial Funding Requirements


Print Media


1.     Contract with free lance writers to have articles created for broad distribution written in short form for easy public consumption.

2.     Create a series of articles that discuss current education issues in a format suitable for distribution as a syndicated column.

3.     more----



1.     Contract for the creation of a well designed web site.

2.     Establish an interactive discussion group      

3.     Promote the entirety through e-mail marketing

4.     more---



1.     Identify cutting edge school sites.

2.     Negotiate for permission to undertake extensive videotaping of at least twelve sites.

3.     Identify and train documentary camera teams in localities adjacent to identified sites.

4.     Begin the process of culling out video segments that support the basic tenants of this undertaking.

5.     Prepare segments for internet distribution via out web site and e-mail marketing effort.

6.     Refine the Discriminative Observing Training model utilizing video segments and prepare test modules for parent orientation and teacher training.

7.     Consider the distribution of free interactive CDís to a test group of parents and teachers.



1.     Undertake a study to identify the social dynamics of the Multiage classroom and the Sudbury Valley experience.

2.     Undertake a study that follows students from multiage classrooms and Sudbury Valley with a focus on interviewing those with whom these graduates are interacting whether it be College Admissions Officers, college professors, or high school teachers in the case of students from multiage classrooms, to determine how these students are perceived as compared with students from more traditional educational settings.  Are they in fact significantly different from traditionally educated students?


Fund Raising Goal, 30 Million Dollars